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15 Minute Weight Loss Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This

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15 Minute Weight Loss by Anthony Swailes

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One of the greatest struggles in life has to do with weight and the journey to losing it. It is not easy and you know this if you are battling the same.

However, it does not have to be that way and you do not have to live with all that extra weight and consequent low self-esteem either.

With the 15 Minute Weight Loss program, you can shed excess weight easily and get this; you do not have to work out or do away with your favorite foods.

We don’t know about you but this sounds like an easy and hassle-free way to get to your ideal weight so let us dive deeper into the program to find out whether it is worthy or not.

15 Minute Weight Loss Overview

As the title implies, this program is designed to help you lose weight in 15 minutes but how is that even possible? Well, according to the creator of this program, weight loss has more to do with your mind rather than exercising and dieting.

As such, the guide focuses on several methods to manipulate your mind into believing that you are attractive and lean. This alone signals your body to burn that extra fat automatically.

Simply put, the program uses hypnosis to help you lose weight and although this sounds unbelievable, there are many positive reviews about the product so go figure.

Who is the Creator? | Anthony Swailes

This program is the work of a man known as Anthony Swailes. His aim was to get into professional soccer, and when he was researching body practices and meditation, he stumbled upon the hypnosis techniques that he talks about in this guide.

He started by hypnotizing his fellow soccer players and the results turned out extremely effective. Anthony became so good at the practice that he was able to get accreditation for the same and was able to create this program as well.

What To Expect From 15 Minute Weight Loss Program

We have already mentioned that this program uses hypnosis to help you shed off those extra pounds. It does so by infiltrating your brain and making you believe that you are slender and good-looking.

Everything starts in the mind and that is why it is termed as a powerful tool. The hypnosis techniques in the 15 Minute Weight Loss program target your theta state of mind.

In the program, you will get several audio files to help you meditate and once you get to the targeted state of mind, your brain will start releasing fat-melting hormones to help you lose weight effortlessly.

Aside from the audio files that we have talked about, this guide comprises three key rules that play a crucial role in helping you lose weight.

Rule 1 Believe that the Subconscious Mind makes you gain Weight

The nervous system is responsible for controlling the hormones in our bodies as well as the metabolism rate.

This then means that it is also responsible for getting us fat. Therefore, you get to believe that you are leaner after listening to the hypnotic audio files and stimulate your brain into releasing fat-burning hormones.

Rule 2 – Your Brain Waves need to be In Harmony

Right in the middle of the program, you will discover that there are three states of mind with the first one being Beta. This is your regular daily state of mind.

The second is Alpha, which is a meditative stage that happens when you peacefully think about something.

The third and final state is known as Theta and this is where the mind believes whatever you desire and this is the state that the author targets.

Is it possible to get to the Theta state of mind? Yes, it is because you get to listen to coded messages that work to elevate your mind to that state.

Rule 3 – Repeat the Process for Permanency

It is important to repeat this entire process to make it your reality and we have to tell you; this is the hardest part.

You need to know that the subconscious mind is stubborn and even after the hypnosis sessions; it tends to return to its normal state.

Anyway, you will not have to do this for a lifetime as the creator says that you will only have to take the sessions 15 minutes a day for three weeks.

Any Bonuses?

Along with the main guide, you will get three extra bonus guides at no extra cost.

deep sleep now cd

Bonus #1:Deep Sleep Now

In this guide, the author talks about sleep-related issues and about how to reduce anxiety and stress as well as improve your productivity.

look great at any weight cd

Bonus #2: Look great at any Weight

Here, you will get all the instructions you need to transform yourself into a social butterfly regardless of your weight. It is all about self-confidence.

look younger now cd

Bonus #3: Look Younger Now

In this additional guide, you get to learn how to look younger by up to 5 years. It works harmoniously with the aforementioned guides to help you achieve youthfulness.

Pros and Cons of 15 Minute Weight Loss


*It helps you lose weight effortlessly without dieting or exercising

*The hypnosis sessions signal the brain to release fat-burning hormones

*After the hypnosis sessions, you will experience increased energy levels and reduced stress levels

*The techniques in the guide program your mind to enjoy healthy non-fatty foods

*You get to experience better and quality sleep since you will experience improved metabolism

*The only investment you will have to make will be a good pair of earphones and headphones


(1)You cannot access the program without an internet connection

(2)It takes commitment and willingness to achieve desired results

(3)Hypnosis is a controversial phenomenon and not everyone will be comfortable with it

Final Verdict

One of the things we noticed about the 15 Minute Weight Loss program is that it has scientific backing. This means that it has a higher chance of producing positive results.

Hypnosis has been known to help in different aspects of life so there is no reason why it should not make you look and feel happy.

The author of the guide claims that you will begin noticing results within three weeks so you do not have to live longer with your excess weight.

As such, we would recommend this product to anyone struggling with weight.

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